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columbus direct travel insurance

columbus direct travel insurance

columbus direct travel insurance

Protection and great value holiday cover
Your holidays are one of the most important times of the year its your columbus direct travel insurance chance And we


can help you enjoy total peace of mind whilst you are away

Not only do our policies offer valuable protection for you and your family, they are also great value.
Our single trip policies start from just £4.16 and annual multi trip policies from £30.59

columbus direct travel insuranceGET A QUOTE AND SAVE 10% NOW
Terms and conditions apply

If you purchase travel insurance online you will receive a 10% discount off the price of standard cover
Discounts do not apply to any additional medical conditions or policy options requiring an additional premium payment

You can save 20%* on all Columbus Direct Travel Insurance policies. Columbus Direct can provide premiumtravel insurance cover in over 45 countries 

It’s your world – enjoy it
Columbus Direct is a leading travel insurance specialist, established in 1988 – and we’ve insured over 15 million people since then.
Whether you want to backpack around Australia, ski in the Alps or simply lay on a beach with a good book, we can offer a tailor-made policies to meet your needs.
We know how much your holidays mean to you and your family. That’s why we want to make sure you’re able to completely relax when you fly away, safe in the knowledge we’ll protect you.
Our award-winning 24-hour emergency medical assistance team is always on hand if you need them. Plus, our simple, reliable approach to claims means that if

you need to claim, it’ll be a straightforward process. We’re committed to being there for you when you need us most, and helping you in your time of need

Get fast free travel insurance quotes! Eugene is the kingtravel insurance.

columbus direct travel insurance

You deserve the best care and the chance to fully relax; we’re the helping hand you can rely on. Live your life to the full and enjoy a carefree holiday, knowing we’re here if you need us.
Don’t forget to get in touch with us if you have any questions about your insurance, or you’d like to find out more. You can contact us on 0800 0680 060 or by using the contact form on our website.

We also have an easy-to-use dedicated FAQ section.

Columbus has a range of policies with different levels of cover, our policies provide protection for the following:
FREE airport lounge access if your flight is delayed for more than one hour
Emergency medical expenses up to £15 million

Easy to find the right insurance needed for my trip and at a great price as well. I will be recommending it to my friends and will be using columbus direct for future 

Remuneration if your holiday is unexpectedly cancelled or cut short up to £5,000
150 activities, including scuba diving, are included at no extra cost
Your baggage and belongings will be covered if lost, stolen or delayed, up to a value of £2,500

Compensation for scheduled airline failure up to £5,000
Cover for missed departure up to £1,500
Loss of cash up to £300 and loss of passport covered up to £500
Legal expenses taken care of up to £25,000
Up to £2,000 Hospital benefit in case you or your family are hospitalised fall ill
Physiotherapy benefit to help with recuperation back home following an accident
Personal Liability protection up to £2 million Personal Accident Cover included

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Terms and conditions apply Now

If you purchase travel insurance online you will receive a 10% discount off the price of standard cover.

Discounts do not apply to any additional medical conditions or policy options requiring an additional premium payment gett Now apply here click the button and apply

Prepare for the unexpected, don’t forget your travel insurance
Life occasionally throws a curveball, and if you’re abroad, this can be a challenging experience. The chances of something unforeseen happening are slim, but it’s always best to think about the unexpected. For example, what happens if you or your family need unexpected medical attention? What about if you lose your expensive sports kit, or your wallet and phone go walkabout?
columbus travel insurance review tripadvisor
These things can happen, but if you’re insured by Columbus, you can jet off in complete confidence, knowing that we’ll come to the rescue if your plans change. We can take care of your medical bills if you’re ill, we’ll cover you for missing, lost or damaged bags and even provide an allowance to purchase essential items in the event that your checked-in baggage is delayed over a certain period of time.. Put simply, you’ll never be alone – we’ll just be a phone call away.

Apply for one of our tailor-made policies, and allow us to shoulder the responsibility instead. You’re free to go and make the most of your holiday; It’s your world – enjoy it

We’ve teamed up with Columbus Direct to create a bespoke travel insurance … Discounts do not apply to any medical conditions or policy options attracting

Terms and conditions apply

If you purchase travel insurance online you will receive a 10% discount off the price of standard cover.

Discounts do not apply to any additional medical conditions or policy options requiring an additional premium payment.

Frequently Asked Questions at her click now

columbus direct travel insurance

I’ve just turned 50-will you be able to protect me abroad?
That’s no problem at all. Don’t forget to double check your date of birth when booking – incorrect information about your age could invalidate any claims you might need to make.

Will Columbus Direct be able to help me if I’m 55?
Not a problem. You’re welcome to buy single or annual policies – now all you need is to find your passport and book that holiday.

I’m over 65-will you still insure me?
You can buy our single trip cover up to the age of 85, but annual policies cannot be offered to people aged over 74. If you are 80 or over and planning to travel for 31 days or more, then only Gold policies are available for trips of this duration. Over 74 and you need an annual package? Insure For All, our sister company, will be happy to help you out.

I’m travelling with children aged under 16 – do they need insurance?
Even the youngest children need to be protected, so please remember to include them on your family policy. Please remember that children cannot be insured under their own single trip policy if you’re booking online. In certain circumstances, such as travelling on a school trip or when they’re accompanied by an adult, children can have their own policy if you buy it via our call centre. Please call us on 0800 068 0060 and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.

Will you take medical conditions into account?
Yes, we will. You can find out more about our pre-existing medical cover here, or call 0800 068 0060 and speak to a member of our call centre. We accept hundreds of conditions, including diabetes, autism, a range of cancers, back pain, Alzheimer’s, anxiety and dementia.

I’m a student – can I get insurance?
Students lead busy, active lives and travelling is the perfect excuse to find new adventures. We are happy to insure students, and we’ll be there for you if you need us.
I’m travelling with my family-will you provide us with a family policy?
Of course! We specialise in providing family insurance benefits include cover for numerous pre-existing conditions, up to £15m for emergency medical expenses and over 150 sports and activities are included automatically. Plus, up to 4 kids go FREE!

What about backpackers?
We’re happy to insure globetrotters. Our Backpacker package offers worldwide protection, round-the-clock medical assistance services and cover for over 150 sports and activities at no extra cost.

I’m pregnant-am I still considered eligible?
Yes, as pregnancy is not a medical condition. You’ll be able to claim for reasonable emergency medical expenses with the pregnancy, provided you have not had any prior complications and you are not travelling against medical advice. Please read the policy wording as certain conditions apply.

Will my health insurance protect me abroad?
Some health plans will provide you with protection while you are abroad. However, we strongly advise that you check what’s included in your policy documentation before you leave the country.

If I travel for work, is there a business add-on?
Yes. Our business travel extension bolt-on provides travellers up to an additional £1,000 to compensate you for lost, damaged or delayed business equipment, or to fly out a replacement employee.

Can I buy annual multi trip insurance?
You can as long as you are not aged over 74 – and you can enjoy your holidays without the hassle of having to worry about buying a different policy every time. If you’re taking multiple trips this year, an annual policy could work out cheaper than having to buy two or more single trip plans. Over 74 and you need an annual package? Insure For All, our sister company, will be happy to help you out.

columbus direct travel insurance 

What about long stay travel?
We provide worldwide policies for up to 365 days away from home; perfect if you’re after an extended break or you’d like to enjoy a worry-free gap year. Back-packer policies can be purchased up to age 65.

Can I buy gap year protection?
We’re very happy to protect you if you’re taking some time out to travel. It’s designed specifically for adventure-seekers, and you’ll be able to claim for emergency medical care, loss of baggage and non-manual working abroad.

Are there cheaper products available?
We pride ourselves on our competitive prices (and we reckon you’ll have to go a long way to beat our low costs). You may find a cheaper policy, but be cautious – an alternative policy may not protect you as well as ours will.

How can I find cheap travel insurance?
Buy with us! We’ve insured over 15 million people since 1988, and we’re known for two things – our unbeatable value, and our customer-friendly prices.

How do you compare to other providers?
We like to think we’re one of the best in the business. For example, our silver annual multi trip to Europe costs from just £38.23 that’s cheaper than Aviva, Insure & Go and Tesco. We’re also amongst the cheapest providers on the market if you’d like seven days of coverage in Europe, at just £11.02.c You can see a full breakdown of our prices compared to other providers below.

    Medical    Cancellation    Baggage    7 Days Europe    Annual Europe
COLUMBUS DIRECT    £10 million    £3,000    £2,000    £11.02    £38.23
AVIVA    £10 million    £5,000    £-    £21.54    £44.60
INSURE & GO    £10 million    £5,000    £2,000    £15.00    £39.99
TESCO    £5 million    £5,000    £1,500    £15.99    £53.99
Which is the best insurance provider in the UK?
Well, obviously we’re going to say Columbus Direct – we think we’re top dog when it comes to unbeatable protection combined with great value! We invite our customers to review us on Trustpilot, and we’re proud to announce that they’ve given us five stars.

Do you insure travel to Cuba?
Yes. You’re free to explore the island’s revolutionary history and its modern, vibrant Caribbean culture with complete peace of mind.

Can I get coverage for travel in Europe?
Yes. Indeed you can. We cover all parts of Europe, including the Canary Islands, Russia, Greece and Turkey.

Does my EHIC card cover me if I’m travelling to Europe?
Even if you’re travelling within Europe, you still need insurance. Your EHIC card covers you for emergency medical treatment in state facilities but it won’t provide you with assistance services, repatriation nor will it cover costs in private medical centres- but one of our policies will.

Can I buy insurance for travel to the USA?
Absolutely – we’re happy to provide policies for US based-travel as well as travel to South America and Canada.

Do minors under 17 need a policy?
They do, so it’s vital you include them on your policy. If you have an annual policy, children can travel independently under your Family package

    Prices shown in the table were collected in February 2016 for an individual aged 30. Single trip policies for 7 days travel. Columbus price is for a Silver policy and is compared to policies with similar levels of benefits from the competitors listed.

Columbus Direct: compare with our panel of 22 providers. Get fast free travel insurance quotes! Eugene is the kingtravel insurance.

Terms and conditions apply

If you purchase travel insurance online you will receive a 10% discount off the price of standard cover.

Discounts do not apply to any additional medical conditions or policy options requiring an additional premium payment.

Key benefits of cover
Emergency Medical Expenses & Repatriation up to £15 millionWhether its injury or illness, our policies cover you for both emergency inpatient and outpatient treatment, which includes non-routine prescription charges, consultations, physiotherapy and even emergency dental treatment. If it becomes medically necessary to repatriate you back to your home country, then this is covered too.

Cancellation and Curtailment: up to £5,000
We will compensate you for any unused accommodation and travel expenses which you lose or incur as a result of having to cancel / curtail your holiday due to certain reasons.

Baggage & Personal Property: up to £2,500
We cover the loss and theft of and damage to your baggage & personal belongings. We also provide you with an allowance to purchase essential replacement items in the event that your checked-in baggage is delayed for a certain period of time.

Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance: £5,000
This protects you if your scheduled airline goes into insolvency enabling you to book equivalent flight(s) with another airline at no additional cost to yourself as we will fully reimburse you up to £5,000 per person in your party

Terms & Conditions

Some of the benefits offered are subject to an excess: Cancellation, curtailment, medical expenses, baggage, loss of passport, missed departure, abandonment, valuables, cash and documents all have an excess applied.

The value of the excess varies depending on the cover level purchased All benefits are subject to the terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations of the policy, all of which can be found in

our policy wording. You can also view our Policy Summary document which includes a summary of the key features and significant exclusions and limitations of the policy, together with other useful information about your policy terms and condition

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