safety awareness information to publicly for academy

safety awareness information to publicly for academy

safety awareness information to publicly for academy

safety awareness information to publicly for academy


  “welcome to everyone Safety Your orgnigetion your opportunity important  safety awareness everyday and information to publicly for every one”

Important safety aawarness: every day Safety entertainment every one every time please share this about us safety  info We provide the most important information about important  safety awareness every day here, for all the reason At, we understand you and all your security requirements, give you some information about your safety, for you safety awareness is like for you Vitamin”

safety awareness information to publicly for academy

Friends a little introduction!about us important safety awareness everyone emijet now My Address 1

Friends my from Patna My name is Virendra Sahni village, Lakhanpur is Chapra district, police station masharak  is the post office, domarshan 841410 sarane Bihar

Friends about us address 2!

My address 2 Jamshedpur Jharkhand East Singhbhum 832107 security awareness daily should be safety every day Safety important Safety awareness everyday  big safety friendship “Safety aawarness  everyday”

 Hello Welcome to everyone important safety aawarness everytime  !

Learn the top ten tips to help your employees implement safety into their daily routines to reduce the risk for injury 


Safety your Organization Hello welcome to everyone Safety Your online opportunity Important safety aawarness your “organization” Unlimited offers safety products gift now a golden opportunity to win prize Important security awareness every day now

important safety awareness information to publicly for academy now!

“Our first priority should always be to work safely. We really appreciate our part. We also care about the “health” and safety of all of us. We have safety like Vitamin for all. This thing is known to us well and we know the people well, they also engage in accidents and accidents, they cause a big accident. We must never forget the security or never have Eganore. You should remember your security. Keep your own security in your hands, remember us and keep us safe”.

Security Awareness Training in India

Dosato” ECS security awareness is very important. Friends do not know when accident crash will happen, but do not know when the accident will happen, but all the people are careful and alert people. All of us know that people are at the step of step but Lekin still We all keep negligent and are becoming careless. Friends, we must adopt the path of caution”

Who can keep us important safe Safety Awareness everyone now

” important Safety awareness: is very important Friends We all know that there is a danger on the step step and the accident happens when friends come out of the house on the road or on the road or anywhere in the market or anywhere Neither will be seen negligence and we ignore the negligence of seeing it. We have to bear the brunt of our eyes and our own “people”. We should not protect ourselves from any reason because of

important safety. Friends will often see you

standing: next to Turning the car park, do not park the car next to Turning, which is adjacent to the turnings or a car next to the road. Dangers increase and accelerate and accidents happen”

safety awareness information to publicly for academy!

At every turn the car stops somewhere and there is a danger to the person who carries the car. If there is information, then the car does not stand next to the turnings. Are Khatra number 20 Parking a car next to 1 terning
Rotating at Turning No. 2 Speed ​​in the Train Speed Do not play horror
Not giving indicator signal
Standing by creating a group by hitting the hazard number 3 mode or circular or turning While walking on the danger no. 4 road, there is danger of “making” a group and negotiating Standing and standing in danger No. 5 group
Mobile phone from Khatr number 6
Talking on the mobile while driving the hazard No. 7 bike or talking in the group while driving bike, all these risks are negligent. Raising bigger carts next to Khatra number 8 road Threat is not threatened by running into the No. 9 line
There is a danger of not keeping the speed limit control on the Khatra number 10 road.
Safety should be paid while walking on the sidewalk on the road
Otherwise it turns into a slight negligence accident
Casualty caused due to accident
Incident Accident Can Be Anyway
If we do not care
Or do not joke with someone while “driving”
Do not talk to mobile
Always be Careful
And be careful and
Definition of helmet safety belt safety belt
While driving

Do not joke to anyone!

Friends: due to negligence If all of us stop negligence then the accident will end with the root of the security “Security” awareness is the responsibility of all of us Safety Caution dost family ke sath followed the “safety” of any time security”

And safety must: be followed. Friends,the responsibility of security “awareness” will be taken by all of us, if we do not take “responsibility” for safety and caution, then accident and accident will continue. If we are to be safe then the accident will have to be eliminated and accident. The “accident” will never happen again; Friends will have to change their thinking about safety, then only accident will end with the accident.

Safety yoyo Entertainment everytime now plz !

Do not worry: about safety aawarness Entertainment is very important to be safe to stay safe, why should you be safe aawarness security security awareness very important security awareness is very important Dosto Agar Hum Sab Ko Surakshit Rehna Hai Toh Hame Suraksha Entertainment will be encouraged to do more. Safety your organization. Your security is important for all of us. Dosto ham Suraksha karavar jada se jada karacha hoga karuna hoga karuna jagal jadse hoga”

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