- Tiger is alive Returns evm is alive vote will give anyone BJP because नमस्ते आप कैसे है  

Tiger is alive Returns evm is alive vote will give anyone BJP because EVM is alive

Tiger is alive Returns evm is alive vote will give anyone BJP because EVM is alive

Tiger is alive Returns evm is alive vote will give anyone BJP because EVM is alive


If there was no evm in our country then 2014 election BJP could not win full Tiger is alive Returns evm is alive vote will give anyone BJP because EVM is

alivemajority and BJP defeats 2014 elections live voting should be online and a free-

to-vote should be voted Evm vote and writing a 2 wrd on votelesh  take care  I do not have any ploy to any party. Whether it is good or bad, coment surely, what will happen to your own safetyyoyo.com,


EVMs will be voted when it is voted. Do not think that in 2014 the BJP had formed a government with absolute majority and now in 2019 EVM will win Bjp and


BJP Will make the government again in 2019 Vote does not make any difference

to any party because the BJP is going to win because the EVM button is with the BJP, in 2019 the EVM was not monitored. E Then may come an absolute majority in Bjp 2019. We all know that with the support of evm, the government can be formed with the absolute majority. The BJP seems to be giving full support to the EVM. The EVM should be closely monitored, our


government has been able to give Vote because the public is standing up to the voting booth and then it is possible that the public will not only do so but also spend millions of rupees for voting. All the parties are going to vote after that. Any

party gets the same by going to the people and losing millions of rupees is worthless if the party is defeated. If EVM is wrong then it is right or wrong in its place. I do not know because it spends millions of crores of rupees to get the vote, the government and all parties will win it, there is no guarantee of this and millions of crores rupees are only waste and loss

It seems to me that all parties ruin the thirsty during voting because they know that after winning the election money will come and lose. To get money in the elections, our government should look at the vote and our government should vote for


voting. In every 5 years, there is an election of no time and all these elections

Millions of crores of rupees are spent in this election and through these elections our government and our leader are engaged in wasting money, in real sense If vot is voted vote then there will be no waste of money and inflation will be reduced. How much faith is there on evm?

Evm has no use because the reason for voting is that voters are giving up and who are voting, Nobody knows, if you know that the button is pressing someone else and the vote is going to


someone else, that is just what happens and evm is bad or it is wrong I do not know but my Vote voting should be right from SAAB, which can vote online in one click and there will not be a waste of money

and inflation will also decrease as millions of crores rupees are wasted during voting and all the poor have to suffer from inflation. Voting can also be voted if our country can come to cashless. Cashlessness proved true in our country


and voting can also prove to be true and can be a true vote, which can avoid ruining the grinders at the mammoth booths and avoid the waste of money. Votals voting gives us a lot of advantage Our government should make a vote in a system of voting in voting, which is going to benefit the public and our government, and the inflation will be minimized

if vote gets voted, then we will be able to vote in very short time and will be able to make the right choice. If voting is voted in the digital era, then what else will be our time will be saved and money


will be saved by the government and inflation will also be reduced. We can also determine the time of voting through the conversion of online and vice-timers, we can vote, and make the right choice. Let’s know the problem of

EVM Look at and know about the advantages and disadvantages of EVMs, how much damage and how much benefit is evm during voting. How much damage does occur during voting from


EVMs Let our government know (1) waste of money in EVM machine (2) waste of money during the election; (3) waste of money during election campaign; (4) EVM is bad or is it a waste of money during repairing or replacement; (5) people That time is a waste of time. This is the only reason why the government is engaged in waste of money and imposes this waste on the poor public.


After winning the election and the money wasted from the poor people, it is collected as dearness. I want to put an


example of this in front of you which is the biggest issue that GST was brought to GST in GST and after that many such changes were made and the note-taking petrol The government loses money from the poor people through the diesel, so that voting should be like cashless for the purpose of voting. Election must be voted in the very least. What online voting can not prove to be true, at the very least, if we

vote for the right person, But it is either wrong or there is a rejection or wrong person wins the election. A cashless truth can prove. What is the opinion of


everyone on the basis of the answer? I should definitely comment on this post by saying that this should be correct in the time of the Digital India because cashless has been proved right and voted voting can prove to be true

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