Accident near me indian traffic rules and fines 2019

Accident near me indian traffic rules and fines 2019

Accident near me indian traffic rules and fines 2019

Parents work hard to save their children throughout life and give their children a good education after “Accident” near me indian traffic rules and fines 2019 this, after which the child loses his life due to a slight negligence and then the whole life becomes useless, due to the accidental accident and

Accident near me indian traffic rules and fines 2019 the reason for our .

There is no mention of the government, only the public is liable, it is right for the people to join and suffer the pain and the people have the responsibility to engage in the entire responsibility list, so do not forget to let go of the government’s


responsibilities: Know about and are aware of the public’s liability list; To a large extent, the public is most neglected, the public continues to arbitrate And because of the arbitrariness, the government has imposed on you as a person, you are above the public, then leave any public negligence. Again, the public should not be negligent and the people

 from Janata: janardan pain and who make up and Carelessness and accidents continue, and accidents are increasing, we should all be aware, but try to eliminate the accidents from the root If Jay Bharat Accident near me indian traffic rules and fines 2019


Accident near me indian traffic rules and fines 2019

  • 1.One helmets for those who drive 200 ₹ 200 cache!

If you are not wearing a helmet then you will have to pay a fine of 200 ₹ means it is clear if you are without a helmet then you have to give 200 cache

If you go to the petrol pump without helmet

you will not get gasoline, if you have gone on a petrol pump without gas, you will have a 10-minute helmet with a petrol pump that will give you a helmet You will come back, you will have to pay a separate charge for it, somewhere it will take 10 somewhere, maybe 20 can be read further.

  • 2. If your car is parked in no parking then you may be fined fine of 300
  • 3. If you are driving in a no entry, you will be fined 500
  • 4. If you do not have a pole certificate, you will give a scissor of 100 to 12:00
    If you are biking and 3 people are walking on the bike, then you may be fined 2000

If you are using plastic then you have a loss of 500 and you have to pay

By such friends, the government takes paisa as a lot of penalties from the public whether it is any government institution, if public administration does carelessness,

the public has to pay the loss to the public; Some people are aware of the new law and those people are negligent and those people who do not know are wrong. Hunting becomes a victim of fines Read further “Accident” near me indian traffic rules and fines 2019

Now talk about the poor signal of the government.

and the government’s negligence about the bad economy, or if seen, will be found in thousands of types but they have full freedom to carelessly and can not blame them that the


government has a law if the government is wrong If the people do wrong, then the government will not sing it, the public will have to pay the loss, the government will talk about the bad signal

  • 5. There is no danger of bad signal, if “accident” occurs or accident occurs then there is no lively list of government going to be there and there is no risk

If there is any “accident” due to bad signal if there is a bad signal then there will not be any advice from the government and there will be no lucrative government, the government has the complete freedom to keep a bad signal

  • 6. No responsible list of potholes on the road, no bears do not make any government’s responsibility list
    You will find pit somewhere on the road and there are no frustrations due to the potholes, there is no difference, but there is no “Accident” near me indian traffic rules and fines 2019

responsible list of the government. No risk, you will get top of the road by falling into the pits. You fall dead, no responsibility list of government, no fault no damages, no security system

There is no mention list of carved road. The road from

the government: itself is increasing the road by road. If the pitchers are pits to work, then the government’s responsibility list is made so that the security arrangements should be tightened there and any responsible list And no security system is in Titan and accidents are increasing due to all these reasons.

  • 7. Encroachment There is no liability list of the pavement government, due to not being a sidewalk, people walk on the road and the number of accidents is increased due to walking on the road, the government will have no liability list and will not be auctioned.
  • 8. There is no light on the street, no live list of the government. You will not get any light on the road in many places, and due to non-existence, the number of casualties is increasing.

Light pillars will not be found on the street too many places will not get any light and due to these reasons the accidents are increasing and the garbage is spreading light is neglected People make their place on the dark place on the road. Go and make their own meetings there, yet there is no live list of government

  • 9. There is no lively list of government till no entry appears on the not

On the road, you see big cars standing next to the road, but half the roads fall completely due to trains and there is a settlement, in just a few places, a four wheeler car can be reached, Large cars are standing and people coming by people,

people walking by bike, or those traveling by four wheelers cross the spot and due to these reasons the accidents may increase. She is Going there, the government has no responsibility and no fines

  • 10. There is a heap of waste on the road and the dirt is spreading from here and due to this “accidents” are increasing and no live list of
  • government has not



Accident near me indian traffic rules and fines 2019


  • 11. Occasionally due to hoarse animals, casualty happens every day, there is no responsibility of the government on the road, no security system, the biggest mistake of the government

If you talk about: a stray animal, you will get to see more and more, on the road and for the same reason, the most frustrating thing is to talk. The stray animal of the stray animal will first get the dog then

after that the pigs will meet, after which the cow will get the cock after that Accidents are caused by hand due to the poultry goat, so many animals that do so by the

side of the road or on the road. And due to all these accidents happen, there is no arrangement for the awara animal, no responsibility, there is no responsibility of the government having accidents due to the stray animal.

The government feels that the public is the only criminal and the answer is the fence to give it to you. The public will be sick, the government always thinks that the people are the culprit and the people will be guilty but the government’s economy and security system. What do you see from that

Accident near me indian traffic rules and fines 2019

There is no living list of government, no risk to the government, no responsibility of administration corporation and government is not made, no rule is applicable for the government

Government is not responsible for anyone

The government can do any kind of negligence, there is no rule for the government

The government is never responsible for anyone
Should not blame the government

Whether the rules do not apply to the government, the government can do any kind of negligence

Should not blame the government ?????????

Citizens and people will only work, children will be given education for the whole life, and children will waste their lives due to a slight negligence due to accidents and accidents and the

government has no responsibility.
The public will pay tribute to the pain of right, the pocket of the government will be filled, and then vote for the same government, choose the government for 5 years and continue to suffer pain

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