BSNL will also increase tariff prices


BSNL will also increase tariff prices know what is the reason

BSNL will also increase tariff


BNSL has followed other telecom experts in announcing an increase in its tariff in the coming month. This simply means that after Vodafone Idea, Airtel, Jio, now BSNL is also going to increase its tariff prices.

Recently, Bsnl. Vodafone-Idea, Airtel and Jio have

announced an increased in their tariff prices. However, now the name of BSNL has also been added to this list. Till now BSNL was the only player who had not announced any hike in the prices of its tariffs, although now BSNL has also joined this list.

BSNL will also increase tariff prices All telecom executives in the industry,

starting with Vodafone Idea, Bharti Airtel, and even Reliance Jio, have given statements that they will increase Tehrif in the coming days. However, in a new headline, as reported by ET Telecom, BSNL has now also announced that they will be increasing Tehreef in December after being upheld by other private telecom companies. Currently, as per the official statement of BNL, it is reviewing customers under its portfolio and will be expanding in the coming month.

A senior BSNL official said about this new move,

We are currently examining our voice and data tariff and will increase it from December 1, 2019.” Although now the officials spoke of this new increase, they did not talk about it. To remind you, till last week there was no news in the field about the substantial increase from telecom experts. However, only last week, Vodafone Idea took the first step by issuing public stock about the increase in tariffs. The telecom operator also said that the new revision of the tariff will start from 1 December. Indians Airtel also joined in announcing the increase in tariff for subscribers.

Bsnl Vodafone Idea mentioned in its new press release,

By building on its largest spectrum footprint and accelerating its network integration, VIL is rapidly expanding both its coverage and capacity and providing 4G services to 1 billion Indian citizens. Is needed. It is well on track to offer. Mobile data charges in India are by far the cheapest in the world, even mobile data Demand for services is also increasing rapidly.

The acute financial stress in the telecom sector

has been acknowledged by all stakeholders and a High-Level Committee of Secretaries (COS) is engaged in providing appropriate relief in the announcement of the Counter Secretary. To ensure that its customers continue to enjoy world-class digital experiences, Vodafone Idea will increase its tariff prices with effect from 1 December 2019.

Customer Care

1500 from BSNL mobile or Landline
1800-345-1500 from other operator mobile or Landline

GSM Postpaid / Prepaid:

1503 from BSNL mobile or Landline
1800-180-1503 from other operator mobile or Landline

1504 from BSNL mobile or Landline
1800-345-1504 from other operator mobile or Landline

1502 from BSNL mobile or Landline
1800-180-1502 from other operator mobile or Landline
Enterprise Services( MPLS VPN / ILL / MNS / Bulk SMS / Dark Fibre etc)

Toll-Free No-18004257007
SMS Short Code for BSNL-57007
SMS Other Operators-9482157007
Leased Line Call Centre: 1800-425-1957



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