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Drink plenty of water
It is also said that water is life, so drink plenty of water. It is believed that you should drink eight essay health and fitness essay health and fitness topic health and fitness glasses of water daily, but you should drink as much as possible without counting. Our body is 70 percent water. The work of these fluids in the body is to digest, absorb, make saliva, transport nutrients from one place to another and maintain the body temperature.

By drinking less water, our colon pulse starts drawing water from the stool to maintain the amount of water in the body, which causes constipation in the stomach. You can remove constipation by drinking plenty of water.

Place the kitchen sponge in the microweb for 45 seconds

The toilet seat in your house does not contain germs that make you sick, but your kitchen sponge can also make you sick. You wipe the lentils and vegetables spread with your kitchen sponge. This makes them wet and absorbs viruses. Keep in mind that to keep the germ from spreading, keep your wet sponge in the microweb for 45 seconds daily.


The biggest challenge in today’s changing lifestyle is to keep yourself fit. Everyone wants to stay fit, but due to lack of time, very few people know how to stay healthy and fit by adopting small things. Today we are telling you 8 easy ways that you can improve your health in 60 seconds by trying it.

Take off the shoes –
Whenever you go inside the house, keep in mind that the shoes and slippers are removed from the house. If you do or do this, your home will be protected from dust, soil and chemical problems. With this habit, you can keep your house clean and hygienic. Also, you can save the house from outside pollution.

Relax the eyes

Office goers and students spend most of their time in front of the computer. In such a situation, the computer lights the screen and tilts the shoulders and creates tension in their eyes and head. If you also spend

more time in front of the computer, then rest your eyes after a while. Eye experts suggest a 20-20-20 rule for this. After 20 minutes to avoid the light of the computer screen, remove your eyes from there for 20 seconds and look at an object at a distance of 20 feet.

By doing this you can relax your eyes. Also, you get up from your seat after a while to relax your eyes, raise your hands and stretch. By doing this, blood circulation increases in the body and the eyes also get rest.

Use sunscreen lotion to avoid sunlight. By doing this, not only do you protect your skin from the sun, but you can also avoid the effects of aging on the skin. Sunscreen also reduces the risk of skin cancer, so whether it is sunny or rainy, make it a habit to apply sunscreen lotion every morning.

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Dayane is a fitness expert and health coach as well as a writer and blogger. Diane told her that 25 years ago when I used to do yoga, people used to say that it is a thing of the elderly, why do you do it. I could not understand why these people think so
The popular and popular program of India Today Group ‘

India Today Conclave East 2019′ has started in Kolkata. In this two-day program, well-known personalities from different fields are joining. ‘Fitness lessons in the conclave: how to keep body and mind fit?’ Diane Pandey joined to discuss the subject.

Dayane is a fitness expert and health coach as well as a writer and blogger. In the Conclave, he spoke openly about fitness and lifestyle and gave his views.

While sharing her initial journey, Diane said that when she was younger, there was nothing like phone and social media. At that time, gyms were also only in five-star hotels.

At that time, I used to take a 90-minute challenge by fitness expert Jane Fonda. At the age of 16, I joined the gym. Then they paid a lot of money for him. I did weight lifting at a time when girls did not do it at all. When I used to do weight lifting in the gym, boys also used to watch me that I was so much weight

How can I lift He told me how yoga has been a part of his life for 25 years.

He told that 25 years ago when I used to do yoga, people used to say that it is a thing of the elderly, why do you do it. I could not understand why these people think so. I was very fit at that time, I started

writing on fitness at the same time. Then when my children grew up, I thought that now I will start writing a book on fitness. Then I went to Australia and from there I decided to start writing.

Going there, I first read about it very deeply for four months. From here I got an offer of fitness responsibility of Miss India contestants. I left my mother in law for 30 days leaving

the children there. I gave weight training to Miss India. He improved his body with yoga and exercise. I have never gone on a diet, I made them fit with yoga and weight lifting.

Yoga is the most important part of my life

She says that yoga is an important part of my life which keeps me emotionally and spiritually fit as well. He told that even at

the age of 51, I am the most fit in my house. She laughs and says that my husband is only two years older than me, but one day someone asked how your daughter was.

Done push up challenge

He gave a pushup challenge from the platform of India Today Conclave. When there was a pushup challenge with a person who came on the stage, then he could only do 25 pushups. Here he also told about his book Circle of Life. He said that in

the book I have written about how people are accustomed to eating on their plates and how they can decide their food according to the conditions of their profession and personal life.

I have written all the food forms of food. For example, if you do not have a good relationship with your wife, stress, then you should not compromise with the diet.

This book opens all such secrets. For example, a term is a relationship disorder, it can be understood in such a way that if a man stays alone, he needs care and love. In this affair, he goes home and eats a bucket of ice cream. The not only food in it but also a virtual angle like home cooking helps a lot.

Vitamin L should be eaten

Diane says that when someone cooks food at home, he mixes vitamin L ie vitamin love in it. He also advised eating fewer sweets. It can be said to include sweet fruits, sweet potatoes, etc.

Exercise is important, do what you like

Diane said that do what you like for fitness, not necessarily just go to the gym. You can go walking, dancing, swimming for any hobby, but it has to be included in the habit.

About fitness, she says that we should avoid the habit of eating during stress. For this, she says that you look at Yogi to see how fit he is. Children do not even think about food. Think that if we are in stress then we run after the food. We have to improve our similar habits

fitness tips in Hindi for girl

health and fitness

In today‘s lifestyle, the running of women continues. Women are taking on the dual responsibility of home and office, which adversely affects their health.

Iron is found in a very small amount in the body of most Indian women. Therefore, women should include pomegranate in their diet. Because

pomegranate contains a high amount of iron. Pomegranate contains 84% ​​iron. Eating pomegranate helps in blood circulation. Therefore women should eat pomegranate daily.

 Family Responsibilities Women forget to take care of themselves while carrying out office responsibilities. In this way, they start having many health-related problems.

So we are going to tell you how women can keep themselves healthy by including some foods in the diet.

Apple is most beneficial in fruits. That is why doctors advise us to eat an apple daily. A woman who eats an apple daily has a good immune system.

The vitamins and nutrients present in apple are beneficial for all types of diseases. Eating apples increases blood loss in women while also controlling blood sugar.

With increasing age, calcium begins to decrease in the body of women, causing weakness in their bones. Therefore, every woman must drink a glass of milk

before sleeping at night. This keeps the energy of women in the body and there is also no lack of calcium and vitamin D in the body. Also, the immunity of the body is strong.

Amla is considered nectar for women. Amla has the highest amount of Vitamin A and B as well as Vitamin C. Apart from this, there is also omega 3 and fiber in amla. Digestion of

women is strengthened by taking it and there is no problem of gas and constipation in the stomach. Also, the eyesight is good by taking amla. Therefore, take amla definitely.