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how to check fraud number

how to check fraud number to identify fake numbers on Google


how to check fraud number Cyber ​​criminals stealing people’s money by becoming customer care, how to identify fake numbers on Google how to check fraud number

Cyber ​​criminals are luring common people into their trap through fake customer care numbers. Some precautions are necessary to avoid this. Know what cyber security experts say about this:

Filing a Complaint on National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal


This portal is an initiative of Government of India to facilitate victims/complainants to report cyber crime complaints online. This portal caters to complaints pertaining to cyber crimes only with special focus on cyber crimes against women and

children. Complaints reported on this portal are dealt by law enforcement agencies/ police based on the information available in the complaints. It is imperative to provide correct and accurate details while filing complaint for prompt action.

 how to check fraud number 

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How to identify fake customer care number on Google

Some precautions are necessary to avoid falling in the trap of cyber criminals.

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Common people take the help of Google to get the customer care number of any company.

Some precautions need to be taken while doing this, because cyber criminals are waiting for one of your mistakes.

From Facebook and Twitter to Google, these criminals keep putting up fake customer care numbers. You make a small mistake and you get caught in the web of sly cyber criminals.

SBI warns customers by tweeting How To adentify fraud contact

The State Bank of India (SBI) warned people about this by tweeting last week. SBI said,

Beware of fake customer care numbers. Visit the official website of SBI to get the correct customer care number. Avoid sharing confidential banking information with anyone.


SBI’s warning amid rising banking frauds

becomes relevant. Cybercriminals use many tricks to get people to call on fake numbers.

These range from creating websites with similar names to putting wrong numbers on Google Maps and social media sites.

Cyber ​​criminals lay such traps

Cyber ​​security expert Sandeep Pandey tells about this that the easiest way is to create a similar website.

Common people are unable to distinguish right and wrong here, while a little care is enough for this.

For example, take SBI itself. SBI’s

The original website is Now by adding something like India or Bihar with SBI

Can create a website with a name like or

It can be brought above the original website in Google search by keeping some things in SEO or by running ads.

Cyber ​​Security Expert: Sandeep Pandey is telling these precautions important

People usually do a Google search to find the customer care number.

Now you go to search SBI customer care number on Google, then you will get first in search result.

Fake websites: like or will appear. This is where the cheating happens.

There are numbers of thugs on such fake websites. In this way, you easily fall into the trap of criminals.

Sandeep Pandey suggests: some important instructions on how a common man can avoid this. Know what are the necessary precautions, by adopting which you can avoid thugs How to identify fake customer care number on Google

If you search anything on Google, then do not consider the website appearing at the top of the result as correct.
If Ad / Sponsored is seen written with the top result in the search, then do not click on it.

how to check fraud number contact details |  How To adentify fraud contact

how to check fraud number


If there is a government website:  it will have or at the end. If so the website is fine.
If you open any website, then check whether it is secure or not. website at the beginning

It is http/https, it is secure. Never trust google map results. Anyone can edit it.


Be sure to check Bluetick on Twitter and Facebook. If the handle is verified then it is safe.
Criminals keep an eye on people’s complaints on social media.

As soon as you make a complaint, they can give their number by becoming customer care in the inbox. Keep in mind that no institution comes directly to the inbox.

The most important thing is not to get greedy. In today’s time, criminals are cheating by creating a website to offer cheap loans.

The last and important thing is not to share card number, CVV, card pin, net banking password, OTP etc. with anyone.

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How to complain about Cyber ​​ check fraud number

It is possible that sometimes you too accidentally fall into the trap of cyber criminals. In such a situation, first of all inform your bank through the original website or through email.


Complaint facility is also provided in the app of all banks. If you are cheated by apps like Paytm, PhonePe, inform these companies from their website or app. The government has started a national helpline in June regarding the increasing cyber fraud. Its number is 155260.

Note it down and keep it. If you are a victim of fraud, definitely complain on this number. Keep in mind that the less time you file a complaint after the incident, the higher your chances of getting your money back. how to check fraud number



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