Motor Vehicle Act all Details of New traffic rules in India 2019

Motor Vehicle Act all Details of New traffic rules in India 2019

Motor Vehicle Act all Details of New traffic rules in India 2019

Motor Vehicle Act all Details of New traffic rules in India 2019


After the implementation of the New Motor Vehicle Act 2019, you must have read much news of cutting the invoice of a large amount of bike, car, and truck, etc. But now you should also be aware that your driving license DL and registration certificate {RC} of the vehicle is also going to change. Actually, the Motor Vehicle Act all Details of New traffic rules in India 2019 format of DL and RC is going to check and


change from 1 (Motor Vehicle Act all Details of New traffic) rules

October. Under the new change, the RC format of the DL vehicle will be the same for all drivers in the whole country. That is, the color, look, design and security features of DL and RC will be the same.


Microchip and QR will be marked


Under the new rule, Micro DL and RC will have Microchip and QR. With this, the color and printing of DL, RC will be same in every state of the country. Now all the information in DL and RC will be at the same place. As of now, the format of DL and RC is different according to each state. But now this will not happen. The QR code and the chip will contain all previous records.


Full vehicle record can be read the Motor Vehicle Act all Details of New traffic rules in India 2019

The complete data about the driver or vehicle can be read from the central database through the QR code. It is being told that the traffic police will be given a hand tracking device to read the QR code. The emergency contact number will also be written on the back of each driver’s DL. On this number, police or any other person can contact if they are in trouble. Transport Department officials say that after this change, policemen will be able to handle the responsibility of traffic.

What is the problem

Regarding DL and RC, currently every state has been preparing the format according to their own, but the problem is that if information is initially on them in a state, then in a state it is printed backward. But after the government’s new decision, information on DL and RC will be in the same place.


Union Minister Nitin Gadkari THMotor Vehicle Act all Details of New traffic rules in India 2019E 


said, if the state wants to reduce the fine, is this not the truth…
He said that for the states which are refusing to implement this new law, ‘what money is more important than life’. Nitin Gadkari said, ‘I had pledged to save life and this (Motor Vehicle Act) has been done to save lives. This is my first objective, but I need the cooperation of the state governments. It should be up to the parties and state governments.



Nitin Gadkari said – The goal of stringent rules is to reduce road accidents.
Nitin Gadkari has also appealed to the states to relax the penalty for violation of traffic rules. Nitin Gadkari said, ‘This is not a plan to collect any revenue .. Don’t you worry about the death of one and a half lakh people?’ He said, ‘If the state governments want to reduce the amount of the fine then it is fine, but is it not the truth that people neither follow the law nor fear it.’
when Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari was also fined for breaking traffic rules, know the whole matter
Let us tell you that

 on violation of traffic rules on the basis of humanity up to 90 percent. However, this decision of the state government has created an uncomfortable situation for the BJP, because the BJP is in favor of increasing the fine. However, now a chief minister of BJP ruled state has decided to cut the fine. Sources say that the party leadership can summon the reply of Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani in this matter.
The penalty amount increased manifold
Let us know that the changes in the motor vehicle act are making headlines. It has been implemented in



the entire country from September 1. However, some states have decided

not to implement them. There are many crimes for which the fine has been increased. There was a fine of up to five hundred rupees for driving without a license. It will now be 5000 rupees. Earlier there was a fine of up to four hundred rupees for overspeeding, now it will be one to two thousand rupees for light vehicles while two thousand to four thousand rupees for medium and heavy vehicles. When caught for the first time in dangerous driving, there was a penalty of six months and a fine of up to one thousand. It has now been increased from six months to one year and a fine ranging from one thousand to five thousand rupees.

On September 1, the new Motor Vehicle Act has come into force across the country


 In order to minimize road accidents, the central government has changed

the 30-year-old motor vehicle law by making it very strict. Violation of any kind of traffic rules under the new laws will not only impose a heavy penalty on the drivers but also provides stringent punishment for them. Apart from the motor Vehicle Act all Details of New traffic rules in India 2019  this, the new law will also curb corruption in the transport office. In

the new law, for driving a vehicle without a helmet, Motor Vehicle Act all Details of New traffic

there will be a license suspension for 3 months in addition to a penalty of 1 thousand rupees, while driving a vehicle without insurance will incur a fine of 2 thousand rupees. There is a provision of penalty of 1 to 2 thousand rupees on overspeeding. In case of accident with a minor, his guardian or the owner of the vehicle will be held guilty, in addition to this, a fine of Rs 25 thousand has been imposed on him and a provision has been made for him to impose a sentence of 3 years and to cancel the registration of the vehicle.

Changes in fines under the Motor Vehicle (Amended) Bill 2019

Old fine Rs
Modified Penalty Rs
New 177A
Traffic law owl

Breach rules
Traveling without tickets
Authorities not accepting orders
Unauthorized use of a vehicle without a license
Driving without license
Driving even after disqualification
Overspeeding when driving faster than the specified speed limit
1000 (for LMV

2000 for MP
Dangerously driving
Up to 5000
Driving drunk
Driving a vehicle without a permit
Up to 5000
Up to 10,000
On breaking license rules
25,000 to Rs 1 lakh
Overloading if there is more than the specified limit

2000 and an additional Rs 1000 per ton
Rs 20,000 and Rs 2000 extra per tonne

Overloading passenger overcapacity (Motor Vehicle Act all Details of New traffic rules)


Rs 1000 per extra passenger
On overloading in a two-wheeler
2000, plus license revoked for 3 months
No helmet
License canceled for Rs 1000 and 3 months
On not giving way to emergency vehicles like ambulances
10,000 rupees
On driving a vehicle without insurance
In the case of the crime of minors
Parent/owner to be held guilty, 3 years old
Provision for a fine of 25 thousand with jail, minor
But the case will run under the Juveline Act, the vehicle
Registration will also be canceled
Authorities get rights Motor Vehicle Act all Details of New traffic rules in India 2019

Right to suspend driving license under sections 183, 184, 185, 189, 190, 194C, 194D, 194E
The crime committed to provoke officers

Fines double the fine imposed under the relevant section

Process of Driving Licence. It is compulsory to apply online for all activities related to Driving license The person


Access to application form for renewal of driving licence (Form 9) in Uttar Pradesh is given.


(DRIVING LICENSE DETAILS ) Valid Learner’s Licence for the relevant class, which is older than 30 days; Three  Change of Address in Address 


(How to Apply Online for Driving License) Check the online procedure to apply for dl (Online Forms) and documents required for online

The new 7 Safety Rules All Kids Know   1. Home address and phone number should be known every 5 years. Important information should be remembered – such


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