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safety rules on home

safety rules on home

safety rules on home your Way To Success



The owners of this house are first-time safety rules on home parents who can’ seem to keep”their toddlers out of trouble around the house. That’s where I come in. safety rules on the home I mean, who better to give out safety pointers than

safety rules on home the girl who” wrote the book on”un-safety


Come on, let’s check out this crib.”Wow,” this is nice.

What a great living space. I should get me one of these days.”Aw, cute family.

No wonder they called me.”Bobby looks like a little trouble maker. Okay, right off the bat, we need to move these cords off the walkway.

Let me add this to the list of things to bring up with the family. Move cords out of the walkway.”Moving on, we have a few outlets that are uncovered. We wouldn’t

want little Bobby to get zapped now, would we?


safety rules on home

I’ve choked on a few of these in my days. Not one of my fondest memories. Be

It’s secure and out of reach of little Bobby.

But it looks like some cleanup works need to be done to these cables.

It’s important to keep candles out of reach of kids.

Not only is it a fire hazard but they’re

I think I saw some wax stains in the other room. Candles are like my father on a Sunday afternoon, “They like to keep stationary.

So don’t move candles while they’re lit,

and always make sure there’s a parent in the room. Alright, off to the danger zone!

I mean,” the kitchen.”Kitchens are one of the most dangerous

All parents should teach their kids how to call 911 in case of an emergency.

And have a list of friends, family, and poison control, you know, all the essentials.

But coming from someone who is still working on their growth spurt, recommend making a list a little more accessible. Not too low, just right.” Yikes!

If there’s a door, we have to know what’s behind it. This

looks a lot like fruit juice or sports drinks, so naturally, we’re gonna want it.

supplies, matches, knives, or scissors, really recommend using a safety latch.

Okay, here’s the temp of the house if it says ‘Warning’ or ‘Caution,’ put a latch on it okay, now we’re going upstairs. Oh yeah, I’ve been holding this one in since

we first walked in the door Stairs are like a built-in amusement park for kids but without the safety features.


When you’re dealing with toddlers, you should really install a safety gate at staircases and rooms with safety hazards.

C’mon, let us see how they did at the top of the stairs.

At first glance, I’m glad this gate is here.

But if you look closely this gate is not screwed into the wall, and that’s a no-no If Bobby pushes hard enough on the gate, like this, at the top


of the stairs, he might actually push the

gate down. Okay, on to the bathroom Ah, the bathroom.

When it comes to bedtime” it’s easy to forget how hot the water can get. Ouch!

I recommend getting a rubber ducky thermometer like this one, so the water is just right.

And two set your water heater to about”120 degrees to prevent burns and scalding. Awesome, they’re learning!


The thing about having drawers and

medicine cabinets is that to a kid, it’s like having your own candy store. All these multi-colored pills look like delicious candy.”So do your kids a solid and keep medicine locked up and out of reach.


Outlet covers, smoke alarm, it looks like we’re covered in case of a



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