self defense red chilli pepper spray

self-defense red chili pepper spray



self defense red chilli pepper spray

self defense red chilli pepper spray Content Thi  has 35 grams of dispensable weighs 55 ml Accessibility: The bottle is extremely handy and can be placed anywhere, with just a little space allocation accuracy: Spray nozzle always points towards attacker’s face, spray reaching up to 12 effects: The self-defense is strongly irritant in nature and thus is effective with a single spray on the attackerCertification: The self-defense is legal to use and is approved and certified by a government lab self-defense red chilli pepper spray

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self defense red chilli pepper spray



The EMPOWER Self defense pepper spray, introduced from the house of DONNA, is a strong and powerful spray, with varied variants like Pepper, Chilli, The irritant is extremely power-packed and seeks to be a savior which you must carry with you, every time, everywhere. The handy bottle comes with an easily accessible aerosol, covering a range of 12 feet, and is all you need during the imposition of any sudden threat. A splash of this little warrior, self-defense red chili pepper spray




self defense red chilli pepper spray

helps you save yourself from an unfortunate circumstance and helps you protect yourself and feel safe. The protective cap helps in keeping the spray out of any spillage. Effects of the spray usually last till 45 minutes after the burst and is an instant solo rescue provider. The bottle comes with an average of 45 bursts if used appropriately pepper spray price in india


and is thus cost-effective. The bottle weighs 35 grams and is 100% lab tested. The EMPOWER pepper spray by DONNA seeks to make you feel at ease and live your life without any second thoughts. We make sure that you feel protected even after sunset and do not have any second thoughts about visiting your favorite place at any point in time. It is your world, Lad pepper spray price online

Thumb-Cut Dome, Long Nasal & Accessibility

Thoughtful design to make it an exclusive, It has Thumb Cut which Dome makes easier to press the button and at the same time Classy to carry. it has a Long nasal to give it a long stream and a clip which gives access to users to carry self defense red chilli pepper spray


.Pocket Friendly and Handy Size

It comes in a Small Aerosol Bottle with 3.5 inches in height and 1 inch in width. The Bottle is pretty easy to carry and can fit anywhere in your purse, pocket, or hands. pepper spray price in india hindi

Long-Lasting & Long Shelf life

The Spray is not only accessible but is very reasonable, it has a long shelf life of 2 years, usage life of 45 bursts making it a long lasting and pretty reasonable product. self-defense red chili pepper spray




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