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slumdog millionaire full movie download

slumdog millionaire full movie download


slumdog millionaire full movie download


slumdog millionaire full movie download is a British film made in 2008, directed by Danny Boyle in collaboration with co-director Lavalin Tandon. The story of the film is based on the developmental format Q&A awarded by the Commonwealth Award. Lavalin Tandon started work in the film as a casting director, who was later selected as a co-director in the film.


slumdog millionaire


The film’s decoration and shooting took place in India. Slumdog Millionaire is the story of an illiterate young man from Mumbai’s Dharavi slum who participates in Kaun Banega Crorepati, the Hindi version of an English reality show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. When he answers questions contrary to what the people expect,


the show’s operator gets suspicious and hands him over to the police. The truth comes out after hard questioning. All the questions a young man answers, are somewhere connected with his life. After knowing the truth, the police hand him over to the show operator again and thus the boy becomes a millionaire.

It was screened in North America in a limited manner on November 12, 2008, following the film’s appearances at the Telluride Film Festival and the Toronto Film Festival. Later on 26 December, it was released across America. Its premiere was held in Mumbai on January 22. slumdog millionaire full movie download

  • Dev Patel – Jamal Malik
  • Ayush Mahesh Khedkar – Chota Jamal
  • Tanay Chadha – Kishore Jamal
  • Frieda Pinto- Latika (Jamal’s girlfriend)
  • Rubina Ali – Younger Latika
  • Tanvi Ganesh Lonkar – Teen Latika
  • Mathur Mittal – Salim (Jamal’s elder brother)
  • Azharuddin Mohammad Ismail-Chhota Salim
  • Ashutosh Lobo Ghaziwala – Kishore Salim
  • Anil Kapoor – Prem Kumar (Director of Game Show)
  • Irfan Khan- Police Inspector
  • Saurabh Shukla – Constable Srinivas
  • Mahesh Manjrekar – Javed Raja

slumdog millionaire story full movie story


It received nominations in five categories in six, including Best Drama Film and Critics’ Choice Award at the Golden Globes. It also received nominations for eleven BAFTA and ten Academy Awards.

The story of Slumdog begins with a Mumbai police inspector (Irrfan Khan) interrogating Jamal Malik (Dev Patel). Jamal Malik is a participant of Kaun Banega Crorepati. Jamal has to ask the final question of the show when the operator hands him over to the police on suspicion of cheating.

Policemen are very strict with him so that he can tell the truth, but Jamal is adamant that he did not cheat. The film’s story goes into Jamal’s premonition and the audience automatically gets a one-question answer. The answers to all the questions asked by the show’s operator are related to his life somewhere. In those parts of Jamal’s

life, Amitabh’s signature is taken, his mother killed during the Hindu-Muslim riots in the slum, his friendship with an orphan girl named Latika. Jamal goes to school briefly and names his brother Athos, his name Parthose, and Latika’s third Musketeers on the three characters in his beloved book, The Three Musketeers.


These children sleep on a pile of garbage in a hungry thirsty plastic shade. A gangster named Maiman takes them from there because later they will be able to bring children by begging for them. Salim eventually becomes part of his gang. Mamon asks Salim to

bring Jamal to himself so that he can be made blind and begging. Salim brings his brother there, but rebels against Mammon to save him and the three children try to escape from his clutches. Salim and Jamal manage to escape, but Latika is caught. Mammon prepares Latika for prostitution.

Both Salim and Jamal, the brothers, hang in the running train, sit on the roof of the train, sell small items to fill their stomachs, fall from the train in the struggle of stealing a roti and reach the Taj Corridor. Upon reaching

the Taj, they pretend to be tourists’ guides, collect money from them and cut their pockets. Eventually, Jamal goes to Mumbai and insists on finding Latika. When they reach Mumbai, they find Latika in a brothel, where they encounter Manman. During a mutual confrontation, Salim takes out

the pistol and shoots Mammon. This massacre is used by Salim to get a job with another gangster, Javed. He also takes Latika with him. When Javed opposes this, Salim threatens to kill him. Latika prevents him from doing so. She tells Salim then she falls in love with Jamal. Saying this hurts Salim’s heart and breaks him.

In later days, Jamal starts avoiding tea in a call center and becomes famous as Chaiwala. One day a worker there asks to sit there for a while, then he searches the names Latika and Salim in the computers He gets in touch with

Salim, by which time Salim becomes a trusted gangster of Javed’s gang. One day, Salim calls Jamal to Javed’s house near him. There Salim sees that Latika is also staying there. From there, he tries to drive Latika away, but Latika is caught. slumdog millionaire full movie download

Awards and honors
Slumdog Millionaire won several awards in 2006-07, including the prestigious Oscar. The film received awards in the following categories at the 61st Oscar Awards ceremony held on 22 February 2009



Best movie
Best Director – David Boyle
Best Songs – AR Rahman and Gulzar from India
Best Music – AR Rahman of India
Best Screenplay – Simon Beaufoy
Best Cinematography – Anthony Mantle
Best Film Editing – Chris Dikken
Best Sound Mix – Rasool Pookutty and Richard and Ian from India

slumdog millionaire full movie review

Jamal then loses contact with Latika. Latika is kept in a new house. To get Latika, Jamal participates in the game show, he thinks Latika will be watching the show. Despite the humiliating attitude of the director, he answers fourteen questions correctly. During the fifteenth question, the operator hands over Jamal to

the police on suspicion. The police torture Jamal a lot during interrogation, to know how a boy living in a slum gave the right answer to such complex questions. In response to the police questions, Salim tells the story of his life and reveals that the questions asked in the show are related to his life somewhere. After knowing the truth, the policemen again allow him to go on the show.

The film’s screenplay is written by Simon Beaufoy Based on the novel Q&A of Vikas Swarup. To bring vibrancy to the story, Beaufoy visited India three times and interacted with the children living in slums. The screenwriter says that he wanted to show in the story the humor of slumdog millionaire full movie download

the children living in the slum, their conversation and the realization of the escape. In 2006, film company Seleader and Film-4 invited director Denny Boyle to read the script for Slumdog Millionaire. Initially, Danny Boyle did not want to make a film on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, but when he learned that

the screenplay had been written by Beaufoy, he gave a nod when he read the story. Earlier, the screenplay of Danny Boyle’s favorite film, The Fool Monty, was written by Beaufoy. This time also Beaufoy’s screenplay influenced Denny and he decided to direct the film.

The film was to cost $ 150 million, with production company Seleder asking distributors to bear the costs. Warner Independent Pictures offered five million dollars, while Fox Searchlight offered two million dollars.

In September 2007, filmmakers visited Mumbai and started picking up the cast locally. Lavalin Tandon, one of the film’s five casting directors, was selected from India. Lavalin explained to British filmmakers that in order to bring vibrancy to the film, some parts of

the film need to be shot in Hindi. Accepting Lavalin’s advice, he was asked to write dialogues in Hindi. Danni later asked him to work as a co-director. In the end, Danni decided to translate a third of the film into Hindi. Film distribution company Warner Independent has approved to keep ten percent Hindi dialogue in the film. Shooting began on 5 November 2007 in Dharavi in ​​Mumbai and Shanti Town in Juhu.


slumdog millionaire part 2

This film is completely inspired by Indian films. The film’s co-director Lavalin Tandon has dedicated the film to commercial Hindi cinema. Lavalin Singh says that screenwriter Beaufoy has studied Salim-Javed’s

films in depth before writing this film. Director Deni Boyle, directed by Yash Chopra and written by Salim-Javed, was inspired by the sets of the film Wall, Ramgopal Varma’s Satya and Company, Anurag Kashyap’s Black Friday. Boyle also saw the D-Company, the underworld, and the brutality prevailing in them. Boyle says

the opening scene from Slumdog was inspired by the policeman’s scene of the children being driven out of the film Black Friday. Boyle calls the wall purely Indian cinema. Amitabh’s character in this

film is inspired by gangster Haji Mastan. Jamal is shown taking the autograph of Amitabh at the beginning of Slumdog. Anil Kapoor explains that some scenes of the film have been inspired by the wall. slumdog millionaire full movie download

Shah Rukh Khan was first asked to play the role of the director of the film’s game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Anil Kapoor played it when he refused. Paul Smith, the executive producer of Slumdog and president of Celador Films, is the author of the original work of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

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