The new 7 Safety Rules All Kids Know

The new 7 Safety Rules All Kids Know

The new 7 Safety Rules All Kids Know

The new 7 Safety Rules All Kids Know


1. Home address and phone number should be known every 5 years.
Important information should be remembered – such as their first and last name, their age, home address and phone number for mom and dad. the new 7 Safety Rules All Kids Know the age of three to five years for young children to learn this information, they should try to teach them only one phone number, through which you know that someone will always pick up. If children are ever lost, they must have the necessary information to give to an officer or adult to bring them home safely

2. Important information all children

Children should know that it is okay to talk to strangers, but it is not okay to go anywhere with a stranger. It may be permissible to talk to a stranger, so children should never go with a stranger, even if that stranger says something like, “I got candy here, or your mother asked me to pick you up.” ” for


3. No one is allowed to touch you

Important information Recognize that no one can touch you where your bathing suit covers.
Resist, kick, run away. It won’t be good if someone is bothering you
Report – even if that person promises you not to tell, tell. You can teach children as three that no one can touch them in bathing suit areas,

4. Post personal information or password 

Accordingly, young children should not be online without adult supervision. “So often when it comes to technology, adults leave their roles as leaders,” she says. “Even if you don’t understand technology,” she says, you can be a co-pilot. Ask the children to explain what they are doing so that you can see.

Older addresses can expect more privacy when online. According to 95 percent of teens (ages 12–17), they are online today. Teens who are online are interacting with their friends. Make sure they know that they can meet someone they’ve only talked to online, and explain that they never post personal information (such as their address or full name) or photos without the permission of adults. . should do, No one except the parents should know the password of the children. Discuss cyberbullying and explain that they should always tell a parent or guardian if someone is sending a bullion message. Teach children not to respond to rude messages, but they should save the messages as evidence, according to Netmartz.

5. Know-how and when to call 100

Children may already know that they can call 100 if they need help, but make sure they know what an emergency is. A family member who sets a house on fire or is on fire is an emergency, while homework does not require help.

6. No adult should tell them to keep secrets

Children should understand that an adult should never ask them to keep secrets. Children should know that they can always tell their parents or grandparents about anything, and insist that you will not go mad or blame them if they come to you, for communication. Keep the lines open – Promise child safety and tell children “Never mind,” if there’s a safety issue in your life, I’d like to know. Teach the difference between safe and unsafe secrets. Unwanted secrets, touching in problems in any way, whoever presents them, and friendship they do not want to mention. It’s nothing to hurt or upset

7. Trust Their Balls

The new 7 Safety Rules All Kids



Even a small child will feel that something is not right. Teach children to trust their instincts if they get a bad feeling, and follow another R. They should not be good if someone is bothering them


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