traffic rules in india

traffic rules in india


traffic rules in india

traffic rules in india

 Traffic Rules in india  Road Safety Program Road Safety Awareness important safety awareness everyone plz share nowProgram was organized on Thursday in Government College. In this, while telling the youth and women to spread awareness

about safety awareness in order to be safe, we should always keep trying to stay safe, small negligence can turn into a big accident, that’s why we should always be careful and accident Keep trying to eliminate the accident from the root

Road Safety Awareness traffic rules in india

Program was organized in Government College on Thursday. In this, young men and women were advised to wear helmets and they should all be cautious, we should keep trying to eliminate petty negligence from the root.

Addressing the students in the program, Principal in-charge of the college, Neerja Sangwan said that for road safety awareness, all of us should follow the

road safety rules. Human life is very invaluable, we should be careful saying we should not be negligent with it. Assistant Professor Anita Sharma said that in youth, especially young men and women do stunts on two-wheelers, due to which there is always a possibility of any accident happening with them, we should be careful

They should avoid such illegal activities. In charge of Road Safety Committee, Dr. Satyaprakash said that students should always wear helmets for safety while using a two-wheeler and should be safe that no negligence should be done while using a two-wheeler

And people should follow the road safety

traffic rules in india

Safety rules. Assistant Professor Pradeep Kumar told the students that they should not drive at high speed because we lose control when driving at a high speed, there is no control on our own and any


traffic rules in india kind of fatal accident happens. Along with this, the students took an oath that we will follow the road safety rules in future and will make safety and security awareness and try to spread safety awareness among people to be safe.


जुर्माना और हादसा  new indian “traffic rules” and fines 2019 in hindi मां बाप अपने बच्चों को जीवन भर मेहनत करके जैसे-तैसे पैसे जुटाकर बच्चों को एक अच्छी एजुकेशन देते हैं उसके बाद बच्चा जरा सी लापरवाही के कारण अपना जीवन गंवा बैठता है






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